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  2. i hate who dont hv humanty
    killing muslim

  3. nice blog thanks for sharing

  4. i feel sorry for you. you hate so much, and thats why muslims
    are in their current condition.
    be well.
    greetings from free and wealthy israel

  5. its insane how we human throw out knowing the difference between right & wrong like killing innocent people over land and lives lost for what so isreal can make more clubs and bars on the holy land thanks to the help of the usa not everyone in the usa and isreal does not care but only a very few people in those 2 countries can understand the long painful hidden holocaust of palestine thats suffering….maybe there will be a day where isreal will rule the world & when the usa comes & asks 4 help 4rm other countries it would be too late…..i give it another 10 years before isreal fully owns the usa and another hundred years before isreal triples their killing to the people of palestine……..i come across people of isreal who says palestinians are greedy and how they deserve what they get and how god is on their side because look how good their living……..never heard something like that about human beings before although isreal is at fault the usa is 60% responsible for what they have done like giving a loaded gun to a madman….its so sad because its the gov of usa thats dragging them to hell not the people

    • In response to: Alon

      “greetings from free and wealthy israel?”

      It would be interesting to see your eyes while saying such a thing.

      To say something like that, with mockery, about the reality in Palestine, surpasses hate. So hold your tongue when you wish to call another hateful.

      Don’t forget, you being israeli is completely arbitrary. If you had happened to pop out of another vagina, one of a Palestinian woman, your beautiful, free and wealthy country wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a rocket into your body. So please, take care in regards to this interesting pride you have found.

      I hope one day you will be able to hear the demon in your voice. And I hope never to hear one in mine.

      You are a vessel.

        You are a whole lot of weirdos who have toooo much time on your hands and you know what??? u are f****ing jealous!! u stupid muslims have a hell of a lot of arab countries and the jews have one little state which u cant get ur greedy eyes off!! lay off!!!! let them live

        So please— we all know who is defending themselves rightously and who kills murders babies and treats women like dogs! for NO REASON!!

  6. if there is an holocost then why doesnt the un jump in on it seriously if you think it is tehn speak loader then an blog second i am from the usa 16 years the usa doesnt like blood shed if u can bring this to light all off it then u can get the help and support of other countries (and most likly the usa will follow suit.this is soppesed to be an world free of bloodshed and there is no need for it!

  7. Yea nice website you fucking weirdo

  8. Interesting site. My first reaction was to suggest that you to martyr yourself. Wouldn’t that be as beautiful a gesture as your fine illustrations? The great Arab/Muslim invention of the modern age, the suicide bomb, is available to you, and if you do it in a mosque you’ll confer the blessing of martyrdom on many other believers as well.
    On a second thought, however, it’s obvious from the “art” that you’re not stupid, and that you even have some talent. So my suggestion to you is heal yourself. Direct your energies in a positive way. Maybe try to meet a real Israeli (there are some who are not demons, I swear). And when you feel a little better, try to heal your sick society as well. You’ll need to come back to reality before you can hope for respect, and for peace.

  9. Yo i am from israel and to say the truth all peoples in israel hate palastina peoples and i hate it, but the peoples palastina hate israel in the same level because the peoples of the countrys are blind the palastina and the israel are both in blood and there no way to change it this hatred will never stop until one side will fall, or both country rules will change to some one with pure heart.
    Ye and all the smart ass from other countrys you are blind more than us you don’t now what going on her so you will never understand what we feel, all what your country or other information places saying to you even more a lie than they saying to us.

  10. I am sorry to see the kids being murdered like that, Happy to see someone cares and Hope one day the wealthy Monkey evolves to a creature who doesn’t kill kids and greed or distroys homes for a land which he calls Holly ! May be their God is really a Vampire!!!!

    Bless you

  11. Message to all haters/muslims. I do not blame you for that you hate us. You base your hatred of what you hear on the news or read in the newspaper or the Internet or from people around you. But you dont know the truth and you cant know this.

    One more thing:

    If Hezbollah lay down their weapons today, then tomorrow will be peace in the Middle East . If Israel lay down their weapons today, than tomorrow will begin the mass terror attacks across the country. You know it – everyone knows it.


  12. I am a Jew and I live in Israel. i have Muslim friends. I even know some Palestinians. some them were even hurt by the IDF. I know some Israelis killed from Hamas and from other Palestinian organization. let me tell you something: non of the people mentioned above (boths Israeli and Palestinian) are as stupid and evil as you are.
    Reality is not something you can touch through your little screen.

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